Gerwin van der Lugt

/* Full-Stack Software Developer */

> Synopsis

Co-Founder of and experienced software developer logistics systems, deep learning solutions & virtual reality among others. I build webshops, management portals, machine learning frameworks and virtual reality platforms from scratch; worked on large logistical systems and international production-critical systems. I graduated cum laude as MSc Business Informatics. Currently spending most of my time developing innovative AI applications with

> What I work on

[01-01-2019 -> now]
As lead developer at, I work on bleeding-edge behavioral analysis algorithms. We have to bring deep learning video systems to production that process dozens of real-time feeds simultaneously (per server) with less than half a second of lag. Our violence recognition algorithm beats all academic and private algorithms currently in existence, and has near-perfect accuracy. Also, Oddity recently got funded!

[01-04-2017 -> now]
With VR House, I work on various platforms and products. Most recently, EZ360, a cloud-based content distribution system for VR headsets has become very successfuly. Check out the portal here.

[01-05-2014 -> now]
At CleanSecure, I worked on the CleanMonitor (a leading traceability tool for food and chemical transports), the CleanSecure app and some TBA projects.

> Skills

My primary programming languages are C#, C++ and Python. I also work with JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, C and SQL. I have experience with all three big cloud-platforms (Azure, AWS, GCP). My favourite technologies are Linux, PyTorch, ASP.NET (the .NET Core one), Django, Angular, MongoDB, OpenCV, ffmpeg (in no particular order).

> Other things I worked on

For, I wrote some blog posts including one on the best bang 4 buck GPU and one on the Base Rate Fallacy.

I wrote a report many years ago in 2014 (Dutch) on trying to identify criminals with neural networks. Code here and the report is online as well.

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Note: I am currently not looking for work. Don't hesitate to contact me if you think you have something awesome to share though!

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